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S.T.E.A.M Course|Tr. Jack - Kids Chemistry Class

Tr. Jack Fan

2019 High School Football League 7th place Former Chien Kung

Senior High School Affiliated Junior High School Soccer team captain

Hsinchu High School soccer team captain -

Kids Had so much FUN with Tr. Jack Chemistry Class!

Why they LOVE Tr. Jack?

That is a good question!


✨1. Being physically active throughout the day.

✨2. Enjoy free time for unstructured play with others regardless of age.

✨3. Putting competition aside and thereby being more inclined to try new things and accept challenges.

✨4. Ditching technology yet still being entertained through creativity and interpersonal engagement.

✨5. Reconnecting with the wonders that nature provides.

✨6. Encountering kindness and caring in daily relationships.

✨7. Practicing cooperation, communication and compromise in a close-knit community.

✨8. Rising above social pressures and expectations to “be” a certain way.


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